IDI's Integration Offering Built on IBM WebSphere Solutions

Many organizations rush to Web Integration and miss the obvious with Back-End Integration! The fastest and most powerful way to integrate Back-End applications with Front-End Web technologies is by exploiting the power of a messaging middleware infrastructure.

IBM WebSphere provides all of the industry-strength Portal, Application Server and Development Tools that you need to implement Front-End Web-Facing Applications and Servers.

IBM WebSphere MQ is a Messaging Service that provides a high-level mechanism for applications to exchange data reliably and efficiently.

IBM Integration Bus V9.0, previously known as IBM WebSphere Message Broker delivers a comprehensive integration solution. In addition to connecting together a wide range of applications, services, and systems across heterogeneous IT environments, it provides the visibility and control capabilities needed to support critical business activities such as monitoring, auditing, process management, and analytics.

MQ Multi Instance Software – for high availability - the WMQ Multi Instance Software is a cost effective approach to clustering. The idle software is in “standing by” mode and not processing messages or other user data, but is running and is automatically activated in the event of fail-over by the Multi-Instance capability of the WebSphere MQ run-time. Program is dormant until automatic fail-over occurs.

MQ Advanced Message Security – for risk management - End-to-End Security - Protect data at rest in queues, detects and removes rogue messages.  Authenticate and protect messages. Apply end-to-end encryption to existing systems with minimal disruption. Enables secure message transfers at application level and assurance that messages have not been altered in transit. Assurance that messages can only be viewed by intended recipient(s).

MQ File Transfer Edition – for assured delivery of files - File Transfer providing a multi-purpose infrastructure of both files and messages. Move files regardless of size from anywhere to anywhere in your network. Auditable with logging subsystem that tracks transfer at source and at destination for audit purposes, centralized control and configuration, no need to program – no need to use APIs.

WebSphere MQ for z/OS - Exploits platform specific capabilities of System z to deliver a messaging powerhouse

WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging - Provides a high-throughput, low-latency messaging transport for one-to-many or many-to-many data exchange

WebSphere MQ Telemetry - Extending connectivity to remote sensors and Optional Telemetry devices

WebSphere Service Registry and Repository - Publish, Find, Enrich, Manage and Govern your SOA services


IDI is uniquely qualified to help you achieve the benefits of WebSphere Business Integration. Share in our thirty plus years of middleware integration and prestigious list of customers!