WebSphere Message Queue (WMQ) Management and Configuration Training Course
Information Design, Inc., (IDI) offers comprehensive and interactive training seminars on WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker, and ObjectQ, that are customized to meet the specific needs of the students. These courses are designed to provide the most useful and in-depth information. They include valuable hands-on sessions, which enable the students to partake in actual exercises that are designed to help them familiarize themselves with the particular features of these products. Students can gain a better technical understanding of how to manage, monitor and maintain these products during class and for specific courses, receive an illustrated take-home manual that includes error codes and important instructions. The illustrated examples help students to understand the best practices for using these products.
IDIís instructors are application developers, system architects and administrators with ten or more years of practical experience and industry specific knowledge. When an IDI Instructor gives a class, the students retain far more than ever anticipated because the IDI Instructors adjust the course content to include a question and answer session that heightens the studentsí understanding by unlocking information about these industry-leading middleware products as they relate to their specific job functions. The software manufacturers and their customers also praise IDI for having the most comprehensive and thorough training courses available. The information contained within IDIís courseware has enabled many of their customers to increase productivity throughout a better understanding of these products.
Our Courseware and training modules are rated the best from our students! If your group hasn't had the opportunity to attend at least one IDI class, please make the time for them to attend. They will be glad they did!
IDI offers the following courses as 3 and 5 day instructor led class with labs and training materials:
  • WMQ Management and Configuration Lecture
  • WMQ Management and Configuration Laboratory Exercises
  • Introduction to WebSphere MQ Integrator Management and Administration
  • MQ Series Integrator Message Handling
  • MQ Input Node
  • WebSphere MQ Admin or Developer
  • Advanced Message Security
  • Install, Configuration, Management
  • Broker 101
  • Broker Advanced