System Integration
A single platform architecture is somewhat simple to implement and maintain; however, the complexity multiplies as more components are added and multi-platform requirements are introduced.

Many older infrastructures may include OpenVMS or other less popular platforms and operating systems. Newer ones may include Sun Solaris, some other variation of UNIX or perhaps Linux. Changing, downsizing or expanding your operations each day, may create attrition issues that are hard to resolve. How successful has your company been at retaining the staff to maintain all of these platforms?
  IDI's engineering staff has twenty years of experience with original equipment and many of the newest systems that are hot off the production lines. Consequently, the IDI team has experience on a wide variety of platforms and can help make your next integration project a success. If your staff no longer has the expertise to support and maintain your infrastructure, contact IDI's Systems Integrators. IDI might just have exactly the resources that you require.