Beyond Product Support
The leading software manufacturers offer great products that can meet your every need. Sometimes these products are a little more complex than you might have imagined. Have you ever purchased a product and postponed using it because you were unsure of how to install and configure it properly? Everyone has experienced at least one occasion when the documentation described a certain installation procedure, but what you read and what you experienced were two different things. It might have been something as trivial as a version difference that triggered the occurrence. However, when the installation procedure fails, the solution may require you to uninstall everything and start all over again. At those times, you feel like there has to be a better way.

The good news is IDI offers, "Beyond Product Support." This special offering has been designed to help Companies get off to the right start! IDI's Beyond Product Support can provide a software engineer or systems administrator who can install the new software for you; he can give you a quick training session and eliminate a great deal of frustration.

Beyond Product Support consists of a quick situation assessment audit to determine what versions of each operating system and application programs are in use, a fact finding session to identify what interoperability is required between processes, and a brief planning session to establish what the criteria needs to be for exchanging messages throughout your entire infrastructure. As soon as this short process is completed, a detailed report will be generated and submitted to you for your review. You can refer to this report in the future should any need arise.
  If training is needed, IDI can offer a number of customized training courses to enlighten your organization about the product's best features and how you can leverage these capabilities to gain the best use of the product. Additionally, IDI's courses will help your staff to handle routine maintenance and perform analytical troubleshooting.

Finally, you can select the support option that best meets your needs. Whether your group requires assistance for a single day or needs 7 x 24 support, you can choose the support option that makes the most sense and matches your budget. IDI's software engineers will be made available to answer any product related questions that you might have.

As your group becomes more familiar with the product, they might require advanced assistance. Their knowledge may lead them to develop more complex applications that utilize messaging. IDI's Beyond Product Support has been designed to help your staff resolve their most perplexing issues. Ask IDI about its Beyond Product Support offerings. Perhaps a 40-hour block of time will provide exactly the assistance you need!