Staff Augmentation
This economy has forced corporations to make hard decisions. The outcome of these choices has inevitably caused layoffs throughout the workforce. The changes have been devastating, sometimes increasing the workload for the current staff to intolerable limits.

Most people are already wearing two hats, but three or more becomes a tiresome burden. A good suggestion is to identify what your best resources are and don't stretch them beyond their endurance. Perform a quick audit of your operation and determine where your assets exist and identify your weakest link. Capitalize on those assets, saving as much time, money and aggravation by outsourcing the work that requires the expertise beyond the bounds of your current staff's abilities.
  IDI can help you fill the void with architects that can design a better infrastructure. We have the developers to complete applications, which can automate your manual processes and the administrators to maintain your operations in tip top condition. If you require project management assistance or need expert advice to help you to determine the best solutions for your organization, IDI can help you by apprising you of new offerings and suggest ways to get the job done on time and within your budget.