Proof Of Concept
Great ideas need to be implemented in order for them to have a positive affect on your company. To often good ideas are put on a shelf due to budgetary restrictions, or the inability for someone to see your vision. Your time is very valuable to you and those who depend on your good judgment. If you have an idea that has merit, it may help to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Let IDI help you align your budget with your desires and make your ideas become a reality. IDIís experience Software Engineers have the expertise to prove the validity of your concept and work out any of the unknowns to make it happen.

IDI offers a special Proof of Concept (POC) Service, which is comprised of a feasibility study to identify the key benefits that can be achieved from implementing your solution, including a thorough report.
  IDI can provide a working model that could help others envision the value of implementing your idea. The team will advise you of any weak areas where alternative technologies may be used to achieve better results and will point out unnecessary steps that could be eliminated to conserve your valuable resources. If necessary, IDI may offer to design a test plan, which will help insure a more successful deployment. The results from these activities might just save your company time and money. After all, an IDI POC can give you the satisfaction of planning and executing your best ideas while simultaneously identifying what the Return On Investment (ROI) could be.