Performance Assessment Support Services (PASS)
We all take time to have our vehicles routinely serviced. This makes them run more smoothly, operate more efficiently and helps us to conserve on valuable resources. The same preventative maintenance is required for computer infrastructures. Computer professionals have to install new programs, uninstall prior versions, install patches and add, modify or delete application files daily. Eventually, little anomalies may start occurring. Sometimes we address these issues but too often these glitches are overlooked because no one had the time to research and resolve these problems. We usually do not consider the repercussions they might have. These small delays can manifest themselves over time, impeding the ability to achieve required throughput rates and inevitably attributing to unexpected downtime, which can be costly.

We know performance is linked directly to efficiency and profitability. In fact, the more efficient an operation runs, the more work can be performed and the more profitable a company can be. So what is the solution?
  Whether you are engaged in the production of products, tasked with project management or responsible for performing daily operations, a quick PASS should be a routine necessity. IDI's Performance Assessment Support Services can provide a cost-effective means to achieve optimum performance rates and improve your overall Enterprise Application Integration. What's the benefit? More, better, faster! Of course, there is the added value, which comes from your peace of mind. You gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have managed your systems correctly and your operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

PASS is an inexpensive preventative measure that can identify new ways to enhance your infrastructure. It compiles important observations that you need to know in a detailed report and makes valuable recommendations for tuning and/or improving your multi-platform distributed environment. Depending on your budget, you can either make these adjustments yourself or for a small cost, the IDI team can make these improvements for you. The Return On Investment (ROI) usually covers the cost of these services and your organization will benefit from a more efficient, smoother running operation in record time.