Migration Made Easy
New technology evolves daily. We all have an opportunity to incorporate this technology with our existing methods to advance our current capabilities. Some of us welcome these changes and others dread them. It all depends on the resources available and our point of view.

If your organization has been contemplating a migration from one messaging technology to another or one platform to another, IDI has the experienced staff and useful tools that can make your transition a smooth one.

Many organizations are looking to migrate off traditional platforms, searching for a less expense alternative such as Linux. IDIís engineering staff has in-depth experience designing, implementing and testing Linux replacement solutions for our customers. Ask your IDI representative about a Linux alternative for your infrastructure.
  IDI offers special discount prices based on volume sales and combination services. If you combine migration services with another IDI support service such as PASS or training, you may be able to meet all your goals affordably. IDI also offers its interfaces, adapters and bridges that can provide the connectivity between disparate environments. Many of these products can preserve your application code. The bottom line is the Return On Investment (ROI). Think about how much your company has spent developing its applications. With an IDI solution, you usually will save more than you spend because IDI offers one of the few solutions that can eliminate the need for rewriting your existing application code. Ask IDI about service alternatives that can meet your migration needs.