Application Development
When an application development project is scheduled, careful analysis of the business needs and a thorough investigation of the user requirements must be considered before any code can be written. Business rules must be identified. The developer needs to work with the people that will be using the application and those who will authorize the work in order to determine precisely what these business needs will be. Subsequently, a design specification can be written, the code development on the desired platform can occur and project milestones can be added to complete the plan.

Letís face it, this scenario refers to an idea situation but, no one has as much time as they used to have because everyone has twice as many responsibilities as ever before.
  This increased workload and less help means more work for your team and extra work often equates to missed deadlines.

IDI's application developers are available to help shorten the development process or serve as new replacements to fulfill your additional staff augmentation needs. If your application development project is partially done and the timeline is in jeopardy, IDI can provide project management assistance to get your project back on track. It is always good practice to test your methods prior to deployment. IDI has existing test tools that might be useful or it can customize them to address your specific concern. In either case, your project can be completed on schedule to your satisfaction with a little help from IDI.