Architecture and Design
Some business managers design from the bottom up and others from the top down. Whatever your method of architecture might be, you may experience moments when the opinion of a mentor would be welcomed; otherwise, you might waste hours belaboring details. They say that hind-sight is 20/20, but let's face it, a short discussion with someone who has accomplished tasks similar to your undertaking can save hours of needless toil. IDI's Architects can help you make your project a success. So when it really counts, give IDI a call to implement your projects using the industry best practices of IBM, Red Hat, BEA, Microsoft and TIBCO.   IDI's designers are visionaries. They have designed some of the most innovative solutions for the industry. Their engineering backgrounds are diverse and have helped to serve customers well, meeting every challenge head-on as they develop more cleaver and unique solutions that exceed the expectations of the requestor and satisfy customer demands.