Message From Our CEO

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Ian Kinkade and I am the founder and CEO of Information Design, Inc. We began our journey in the messaging middleware industry back in the labs at Digital Equipment Corporation where we released the first commercially available messaging middleware product, DECmessageQ. In 1985, this product pioneered messaging and revolutionized the method for handling data transactions. It also promoted a major change in application development and deployment. As this and other products evolved, IDI worked with the market-leading manufacturers to increase the functionality of these products, perfecting them by adding guaranteed message delivery, selective broadcasting services such as publish and subscribe and extending their platform coverage to include Unix and Windows. Throughout DECmessageQ's product lifecycle, the team at IDI was instrumental in shaping the product's development. Subsequently, BEA Systems, Inc. acquired it and changed its name to BEA MessageQ. BEA employed the services of IDI's consultants to maintain continuity and test this product. Today, it is one of the most mature, robust and reliable messaging middleware products on the market. When IBM entered the middleware market, it fostered the development of MQSeries, which is now known as WebSphere MQ. IDI was chosen as one of the first partners to work with IBM's development team in Hursley, England to increase the functionality of this outstanding product. The market leading manufacturers have relied on IDI to provide messaging middleware consulting services to their customers. This in-depth experience has enabled IDI to design, develop and implement some of the most essential solutions for these companies. Combined with IDI's industry specific knowledge and Enterprise Application Integration experience, the world's largest companies call IDI whenever mission critical problems need to be resolved.

IDI has developed its own line of middleware tools, which include adapters, bridges and monitors that can enhance the performance and abilities of messaging middleware products.

Our team is pleased to be of service to you. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to working with you.